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Monday, 7 February 2011

Pasta al pomodoro

Okay, it's Monday, and I've got (at least) 3 businesses to run, as well as picking up my life post-2 children with varying degrees of fevery flu...So, today's lunch is the simple yet satisfying pasta with tomato sauce. 

A few tips: the simpler the better, almost.  Just flavour the oil with a chopped onion & a chopped garlic clove. And the tomatoes have to be good. and good does mean either your own, yeah right ... or organic, because believe me we've been where the "Cirio" tomatoes are grown around Naples and if you saw it with your own eyes...stick to organic.

Serves 4
olive oil
1 small red onion
clove garlic
peperoncino optional (if you like it spicy)
350 g passata
350 g pasta

Heat the oil, flavour the oil on low heat with onion, garlic (&optional chilli pepper). Don't burn, once softened throw in the passata, turn the heat high and then as low as possible for 20-30 minutes.  you'll get a really flavoursome tomato sauce to dress any pasta, spaghetti or penne. Serve hot, parmesan optional.
Follow with salad and a good cheese.

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