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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Farro con funghi e salsiccia

Tuesday. Just driven a hundred kms to do my G.A.S. (collective purchasing group) food shopping for the month, plus some.  Visited 3 farms... and a chocolate factory, hee hee. So, guess who's having Vestri's little red chocolate hearts for lunch, in advance of Valentine's day?

I've got no time to cook today so fortunately my neighbour came to the rescue and called me to come and pick up dinner.  Lina is obsessed with quite a few things, but in particular food that nature just hands to us on a plate, like mushrooms, or chestnuts, or fruit for jam... she just can't stand to see them go to waste.  Today it's mushrooms collected from the bases of trees we call "pioppi". She's made a sauce which we're going to have with nutty farro (spelt) grains, yum.

Serves 4

olive oil
garlic clove
1/2 kg mushrooms
2 sausages
750 g tomato passata

Heat the oil, soften the garlic, add in the mushrooms chopped finely.  Take sausages out of their skin and cut sausage meat into little pieces, drop into the pan.  Once sausage meat is no longer red add in the tomato passata and once bubbling turn down the heat.  cook for half an hour.

Once the flavours are well mingled, turn off the heat and serve with any grain (pasta, rice, couscous etc). Today we're having farro grains which take about 15 mins to prepare.

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Framboise said...

Sounds gorgeous, I'm definitely trying this x