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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Stir fry with pitta bread

If you like your veg slightly 'al dente' .... stir fry is for you.  Yesterday I wandered over to Damino, my local veg farmer, who said he had next to nothing (due to the frost), and what did I find? A whole host of wonderful veggies: turnip greens, white cabbage, savoy cabbage, carrots, onions, leeks, rucola and of course our lovely cavolo nero (nothing indeed!)...got to be a stir fry I said!

Make the pitta befiore starting the stir fry. Turn oven on to top temperature.  For 4 pitta breads mix 400 g flour, 210 ml water & 1 tsp salt. Knead together & put dough to one side.

Now to the stir fry, and the key here is to line your veg up in order of hardness or cooking time.  So, put oil in the bottom of the wok, maximum flame and in this case start with sliced carrots and cook for a bit, then add sliced onions and leeks & cook for a bit, next the slices of white cabbage...keep stirring over a hot flame.  Then, one at a time, add in turnip greens, rucola and last but not least the savoy cabbage and kale. (I also threw in some lettuce i had left over from lunch.)  You can use pretty much any vegetable, just slice it finely.

Divide the pitta dough into 4 and roll each ball out thinly with a rolling pin. Once the oven has reached temperature put the pittas in one at a time on a tray on baking paper.  They take about 2 minutes each.

Once all the veg is in the pan season with salt and a good soya sauce.  If you want to keep the stir fry as a side dish then serve once everything is cooked 'al dente'.  If you are waiting for the pitta to cook turn off the gas.  When ready to eat turn the heat back on and add in thin slices of seasoned chicken or beef  and serve after 2 minutes.

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ciciuzza said...

mhm... I'm hungry!! I love pitta I have to try it. :)